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Re: Dell Inspiron N5110 Wireless cannot connect

Well after a couple of weeks of devoting too much time (enough time that I could of purchased 2 of these laptops), this problem has been resolved. A Dell hardware tech. support rep. was dispatched to my residence. He replaced the network adapter card with a 6230 and Dell also gave me the OS disk as well.

If anyone has this issue (visit the link in my previous post):

#1 Get your network adapter replaced. (Hopefully you're still under warrany).  The 1030 is junk.

#2 Install the drivers as RockSt☆r-Rick K mentions (BTW - thanks for that advice). It DOES make a difference.

A couple of last notes, Dell phone support was great. They're slow because they have to assume you don't know a computer from a corn field.

One thing that kills me about this issue though, is why Dell shipping out a faulty product? It's a laptop - the wireless needs to work. I only discovered this problem after my wife got a virus on the computer and I had to reinstall everything. The laptop was working on a wired network but never knew the wireless was DOA. Glad she got the virus when she did because we were within weeks of expiration.

Thanks for all of your input.