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No connections are available while THERE IS actually available connections..!

my laptop was working normally and my connection to any wireless network was just fine till the wireless adapter started turning itself off so I just turned it on again.. An hour ago, it just could not connect to any wireless network and whenever I try to connect to the internet wireless-ly, I can't as it says, no connections are available while there actually IS available connections.

when I troubleshoot the problem, it says, "windows cannot resolve wireless connectivity issues"

The wireless network adapter is NOT turned off! and I have just set it to maximum performance in both "in battery" and "plugged in" modes. but in vain..

I do not know what the problem is and I do not know how to solve it :/

I can connect to the internet via a "cable". and the wireless LED is ON in the router as my phone and all other PCs in home can connect to it.. except for my laptop..

Thanks in advance..

My laptop os Dell inspiron N5110

Windows 7..

Please, let me know if you need to know any further information so I can fix this problem..

Thanks again,


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