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Need a working wireless driver for a Win7 install (from Win8)


I purchased an Inspiron 17 that came with Windows 8.  Finally exacerbated with Win8, I've 'downgraded' to Windows 7.  The Dell drivers page had all downloadable drivers for this machine and Win7, however the wireless network driver crashes during installation.  It hangs with the message "activate wireless switch" or something similar.  Pressing Fn-F2 to turn wireless on/off does nothing to help.

Has anybody tackled this problem yet and can help?  According to the Dell auto-detect, my laptop is Inspiron 17 (3737, Mid 2013).  I've tried some random other drivers, such as the wlan driver for the Inspiron 17R 5737, and the Bluetooth components install and work correctly, but not the wireless network card.  So for now I'm stuck with a wired Ethernet connection until I can fix this, gasp!

Many thanks!!

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