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RE: Really weak Wi-Fi signal - XPS 13 9350


I have exactly the same problem like cheetah64D. I also installed driver version 1.555.0.0 and it did not solve the issue. Additionally, I can say that pinging the network using cmd (ping -t) reports reponseless pings (out of time limit), sometimes up to 5 or more consecutively and of course I have practically no internet connection at this time. Other wireless devices connected to the same wifi have no problem to keep connected at these time point.

Turning off Bluetooth does not alter anything. Changing the property of the netork adapter Minimum Power Consumption = Disabled does not change anything.

I have to access PCs in my company via VPN. This is practically impossible currently and if I had not kept my five year old Zenbook, I would be lost now. I would really appreciate if there was a solution because otherwise it is a really good laptop. But if not I (or more exact: the company) will have to return it. I have bookmarked this page and also the support page to look for updates regularly.

Thank you for your support in advance!

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