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RE: Really weak Wi-Fi signal - XPS 13 9350


Sorry for the issues you've had with that system.   The driver you've installed is Version 1.555.0.0, A02, correct?

This is correct.

Since the Dell 1820a can handle both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bandwidth have you tried connecting on the 5.0 band to see how the connection is with that?  


You said it's having connection issues with all networks.  Could it be that the antenna leads have worked loose during shipping?   Here is a link to the XPS 13 9350 Service Manual showing how to check the antenna connection.  


Man, are you seruious?? Are you offering me NOT to use the 2.4Ghz?? ALL the networks around me are at 2.4, what will I do with laptop that have only the 5 Ghz??
And what is this talking about the antenna leads? Am I suppouse to open up my brand new laptop and look for loosen wires??
I read all about this cr***py driver that supllied with this latop, and YOU KNOW it has nothing to do with all the above. This is all about the driver that DELL\Broadcom supllied here. So, please, get your **** together, and try to make better drivers for your premium products...
Jesus, and to think I spent so much money on this one, while I could get much better in cheaper price...
How did this laptop won so many reviews? That what bothers me. I can't stop thinking there was something wrong with all those review.
You buy so flattered laptop, just to find out you become one of so many 'frustrated from Dell' community.
And I didn't even started talking about the awfaul trackpad this laptop have...