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RE: Network Controller gives a explanation mark and Question mark in Device manager

Hi ieee488,

First of all I would like to thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, this did not resolve my issue.

When installing the Dell Wireless 1540/1550/1560 WiFi Driver:  Network_Driver_P73MT_WN32_7.35.317.0_A02.EXE | Update Package for Microsoft® Windows® (65 MB)

It gives me the following error;

Dell Wireless 1540/1550/1560 WiFi Driver  

v7.35.317.0 (A02) October 15, 2015  

 The update installer operation is unsuccessful.

I have saved as well the Installation Log of this error. If needed, I can provide this.

In the device manager, it keeps showing up as an "other devices" with a rectangular ! symbol, and a round ? symbol. Updating the driver from there still doesn't work.

I really have no Idea how this happened. It happened from 1 day to another without me making any changes.

Are there some other idea's / tips that can help me?

Thanks in advance.

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