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New Inspiron 15 - slow wired and wireless Internet

I am having an issue with download speeds on a brand new Inspiron 15 3000 series. It arrived a couple of days ago.

Both wired and wi-fi internet is very slow compared to other devices on my network.  I am getting download speeds of 20Mbps, while my smart phone is getting 90+.  My previous 5+ year old Dell was also getting much faster speeds from the same router.

So far I have tried the following without any improvements:

Uninstalled McAfee
Turned off Firewalls completely (turned them back on when it did nothing)
Updated all network related drivers 
Made sure that receive window auto-tuning level is set to normal
Disabled all the network adapters showing in device manager but the LAN and Wireless ones
The wireless card is configured for 802.11ac, so i blocked every other type of network coming from the Virgin Media Hub.

Disabled heuristics.

The laptop was also slow on the office internet in work.

Some setting in this computer seems to be capping out my download speeds and I have no idea what.