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XPS 8700 Internet stopped working after windows update 1709

My Windows 10 (64 bit, i7) XPS 8700 PC received an update around the 5th of Jan 2018 (feature update 1709), and after that I have lost internet connectivity totally. I see an update titled KB2504637 and I am not able to uninstall it because Windows claims it can't find the patch.


I updated the Realtek drivers to the latest available on Realtek's site: 10.23.1003.2017 by first uninstalling the driver, installing the driver, and then restarting. That didn't work.

I also tried installing drivers from:

That didn't work either.


I am stuck without internet on a PC that was working fine until Jan 4th. What are the potential solutions?


Windows network diagnostics shows something about a vEthernet(default) not working right.


ICS service was not running under services.msc. I started it. Still no internet.

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