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Re: Beware of SmartByte

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Sorry but even with latest Intel Wi-Fi drivers updated and last version of SmartByte it's the same old story. It kills 50% of bandwidth. Let customers decide whether to install or not.

Would you mind sending us a diagnostic from your machine? We would like to take a look and see if there is any additional information that we do not currently have so that we can further investigate this issue. 

You should have an application called "SmartByte Diagnostics" on your machine, accessible from the Start Menu, in the SmartByte folder.

Once you have located the application, please run the application, click Start at the bottom left and then, once it is finished, click Save to save the output file.

You can email us at Please attach the diagnostic to your email. Please do not copy and paste the contents of the diagnostic, as our email client may cut part of it off. Please send it to us as an attachment. 

Thank you!

-- Anthony with SmartByte

Thank you for your response. I sent the file by email. I hope will be helpful.

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