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RE: Driver Packs Folder

Good afternoon Josh,

the documentation contains a typo, and a change request has been raised. The only folder that is used by Dell ImageAssist to automatically detect drivers that could be used during the image restoration is Dell_Driver_Packs_Local.

This folder is located in the USB Drive that can be created with Dell ImageAssist and used to locally restore images.

You can copy the driver packs, downloaded from the link you mention in your message, in this folder, and then start an image restoration. If the drivers for the model where the image is being restored are present in the folder Dell_Driver_Packs_Local, they will be automatically detected and will not need to select them manually in the user interface.

Kind regards

Mattia Cabras

Mattia Cabras

Configuration Services Sr. Analyst

Dell | Imaging Technology Support - EMEA

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