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RE: Driver Packs Folder


Please see below instructions for drivers and additional note at bottom-Thanks


Restoring an image:

1. Boot to the ImageAssist USB drive.

2. On the ImageAssist Selector screen, click the Restore icon . The Restore Tool screen is displayed.

3. Click Browse and select the WIM file that you want to restore. The Browse for WIM File window is displayed.

4. Select the Dell_Captured_Image.wim file and click OK.

5. To add a driver package file that matches with the model of the system you are restoring to, click Add Driver Package. NOTE: You do not have to manually select the driver package file if you have placed it in the Dell_Driver_Packs_Local folder. If you want to restore the image to multiple systems, you can add the applicable driver package files to Dell_Driver_Packs_Local folder.

6. If you want to manually select the driver package files, click Browse, select the driver package files, and then click OK.

7. To check the supported models for the driver package, select the driver package, and then click Check Supported Models. The Selected Models window is displayed.

8. Click Add Selected and then click Finished.

9. Click Restore. When the image is restored, a confirmation dialog box is displayed.

10. On the Restore Complete dialog box, perform one of the following: • Click Shutdown to turn off the system. • Click Reboot to immediately restart the restored WIM file.


Option 5 gives information on how to add the drivers, if you have the drivers stored in the Dell_Driver_Packs_Local folder on the DIA usb key then DIA will automatically find the correct driver for the system being restored, you also have the option to map to a network drive once you click browse , you can enter the FQDN path and map to another system

link to training doc below.   if you need additional help - pls contact either EMEA or US mailbox - based on your region


Dell Image Assist Support




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