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Inspiron 5680, drive configuration questions

I have a new Inspiron 5680 (i7) with a 1TB mechanical hard drive cached by 16GB of Optane memory (in the lone m.2 slot). My intent is to add two more drives: a 1TB 860 EVO NAND SSD and an older 1.5 TB mechanical drive (for backing up the two other drives). All drives are SATA.

Q1. Any idea why the PC is preconfigured in BIOS for RAID rather than AHCI?

I have no need for RAID, unless it’s required by Optane/RST. Any reason not to switch it to AHCI? Not sure, but I think I read that Samsung SSDs (or the Samsung Magician software) may only work in AHCI mode.

Q2. My original intent was to clone the original 1TB hard drive to the SSD using Samsung’s Data Migration software, make the SSD the boot drive, and leave the Optane paired with the mechanical hard drive to accelerate data and whatever programs are stored there (after reformatting). Now I’m wondering what the best approach is re: overall system speed and my ability to make changes without trashing everything:

  1. Leave the original hard drive paired with Optane as the boot drive, and add the SSD as just an additional speedy drive for programs
  2. SSD as boot drive paired with Optane (seems pointless in terms of effectively using the Optane)
  3. SSD as boot drive, and pair the mechanical drive with Optane as a secondary drive (apparently, this is supported with current version of Optane software)

Before I start experimenting and get in over my head, anyone have suggestions concerning the best approach and the steps required?

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