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Re: InspIron 5680 drive configuration

Actually, I had read that doc, but since I have zero information on the specific motherboard, I asked the only people who conceivably would have information on it: Dell Support. I didn’t want to ask either of those questions here, but I’d already exhausted web searches to find answers. You were the only one who could definitively answer that RAID was required because of the optane, and I thank you for doing so.

As for what one should expect from PC support, I think they should at least be able to state what specific hardware is installed and how it’s configured at the factory. I assumed this is why they bother keeping a service tag. And given that many of the components are manufactured “exclusively for Dell,” who other than Dell should be able to answer questions about them? At the very least, they should have been able to answer the question concerning why the system is shipped in RAID mode or they should consider upgrading their online documentation to address issues such as upgrading your computer. Older Dell documentation talked about more than just replacing existing components.

I was a technical support director (software) for five years, and I was expected to know virtually everything about our products. And when I didn’t know, there were people I could ask. So apparently times have changed, and I can now skip the step of checking with the company who manufactured and configured the computer. Good to know and will save me some time.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by free, virtually unlimited support from another popular computer vendor. I seldom call with easily answered hardware, installed software, or OS questions, but when the person I ask doesn’t know an answer, they kick it up to the next support tier rather than giving up or suggesting that for a fee they can look into it. This may now represent typical PC support, but it is not universal.

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