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Forum changes, cannot find Precision?

Just logged back into Dell forums after couple of years.  I am noticing that DELL has  removed  the  "categories"  for  older  Desktops  (that are less than 7 years old).   I  was considering  purchase of  a  Dell  Precision  T1700   used  item  from  local  craigslist  ads.   But  this lack of  community  support  for older models (that were sold by dell in 2014)   makes  me  question   DELL  as  a viable   option for my  future purchases.  I have been using dell for  decades,  and  this  community  support has been one of the strong reasons for my continued  purchases of  Dell  PCs.   Now,  i  do not  see a  separate  category  for  Precision,  when i navigate  the community area.  Why  this  stupid  decision  by  DELL  to  cut out the  free support  people can get from  community ?  All the older  models  topics  have been relegated  to  "READ only" mode.    

I predict that the general  area  of the new forums  are going to be inundated with questions  from  people who bought  DELL  5 years ago, and  want  answers.

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