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Re: Forum changes, cannot find Precision?

@Dell-SreejithR ,

Please leave the thread in the general  topics area,  because  of the nature of  the  original post.  It is likely that others  will  come here searching for it,  and find it.  (Obviously, they could not find  Precision  related thread,  just like how i could not easily locate  it by navigating the  top level of  Dell community forum). 

Perhaps  Dell should include the names of  older systems (like  Precision)  in their top level hierarchy  for  navigation purposes.   This  thread is a result of  that lack  of  proper  UI  at  top level of  Community forum. There can be a simple drop down box there,  that lists all the  different  DELL systems going back to 20 years, and link them from there to  appropriate  forums.  I hope someone  who works for  Dell  management  is  reading these forums.

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