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Dimension 9150, graphics card problem, I think

Hi, the problem so far. This morning I started my PC as normal, an old Dell with NVIDIA 7900GS card. The splash screen shows up fine but once Windows loads, nothing, the screen goes black. I can hear (and see when I open the unit up) that the PC is running well, but no signal arrives to the monitor.

So I started the PC in Safe Mode - restored to another configuration etc etc - but to no avail.

I start the PC in VGA mode and it works well. From there I uninstall the graphics driver and when I restart, the PC works perfectly (after reinstalling the drivers automatically). However, restarting the computer leaves me back at square one - a black screen.

Now I'm guessing that it's probably the GPU ... but I want some sort of verification or solution if possible.  

Thank you.

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