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Inspiron 3646, Power LED blinking

Hello all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 3646 that will not POST anymore, when the power button is pressed, the power LED starts blinking amber in the following pattern: 2x blink, pause, 3x blink, long pause, repeat.

If a monitor is attached, no output is displayed, the system will not respond to keypresses if a keyboard is attached.

I have already tried to remove the CMOS battery and putting the jumper in the "Clear CMOS" position, and left it like that overnight, unfortunately to no avail.

I have found the following page listing blink patterns for this system: A reference guide to the Inspiron Desktop Diagnostic Indicators

Unfortunately the particular blink pattern I am getting is not listed on this page, so any information about this particular pattern, or other suggestions, are highly appreciated.

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