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Inspiron 7559 - adapter not recognized

My Inspirion 7559 starting getting the "battery not recognized" about six months ago. It IS a dell adapter. Recently, it stopped charging the battery. Now my battery is stuck at three percent. I'm sure that low of a charge is bad for Li-ion.

Things I've tried:

  1. Reinstalled Windows 10- no change. 
  2. Diagnosed the battery with the diagnostic software in the bios (terrible program) says the battery is fine.
  3. Tried different outlets with known good grounding-no change.
  4. I want to flash the BIOS but cant under 15% battery (unhooked the battery and tried that way too).

I have noticed that this brick of an adapted no longer gets as hot as it used to and this problem got worse over a 6 month period. I was getting the message months ago, but the battery was still charging and the laptop ran fine. 

I would love to press F3 to remove the message that its the wrong adapter, but F3 doesn't do anything on my 7559 during boot

I am beginning to wonder if Dell just has inferior power adapters. (there pages of complaints over 6 years that I can find)

My next step is getting my muiltmeter to check the adapter output (hopefully in a few days)

Any other suggestions folks?


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