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Re: Inspiron 15 - can hear it running, screen is black and won’t turn on

So my laptop was working 100% fine yesterday. I did some internet surfing, worked on some projects… normal stuff. Today, when I went to use it for work, it wouldn’t turn on. I can hear it running, but the display won’t turn on. It’s just a black screen. I’ve done the “press D to show the color screen” thing, and it works for a few cycles, then it turns off with a loud beep. I’ve also pressed “fn” to try and run diagnostics, but all that happens is that it does a little “musical” sequence of beeps over and over and it won’t stop until I turn it off. The diagnostic screen doesn’t even show up. I’d like to try and fix this myself, as I don’t have the money to take it to a repair place or get a replacement, and I have to use this for work - I don’t have another computer.
I’m not sure at the model number or anything. I’m out of state and don’t have that info with me, but I do know that I bought it new from Best Buy a little over a year ago.

Try connecting an external monitor.



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