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No "PAUSE" key??

Hi Folks,

I have a new Inspiron 5755 (bought last year, so maybe new-ish rather than new?), running Win10 (to my growing dismay), and I'm having an issue with one particular game crashing upon player death/level reload. I get a "WolfSP.exe" has stopped working popup which gathers/sends information to Microsoft, then I'm back at the desktop. All "normal" efforts to remedy this have failed (compatibility mode, recent video driver, settings turned way down to "vanilla," run as administrator, yada yada...

When the game loads, there's a quick command-line-like pop-up window that rapidly scrolls a whole slew of stuff, way too fast to read, then disappears and I'm in the game. I'd like to be able to pause things right there so I can read what's scrolling down the screen; there may well be a clue in there as to why the game is behaving like this.... but there's no "PAUSE" key, nor any way to emulate it, going by the labeling on the keys. Is there some keystroke combination that's a stand-in for a dedicated "PAUSE" key that everyone but me knows about?

I've heard of a couple of key remapping utilities, and I've tried downloading/installing a couple of them, but one of 'em won't install unless I let them install some other kind of garbage too (sorry, I really can't remember which one it is), and the other one downloads, has the right name and all, but when I open it up, it turns out to be some stupid "remind me to take a break from the compter" app. I did manage to dnld/install "SharpKeys," but while it does have the "from" key I want to remap (the tilde key beside top row #1), there's no "PAUSE" key to change it to... pretty much everything else, and a bunch of "Unknown" entries to choose, but who knows what they are?

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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