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Dell G7 WiFi Speed Very Slow

I've bought the G7 7588 this past Saturday. Made a clean install, so no bloatware, and updated the drivers via SupportAssist and Intel...

But, my WiFi connection? Absolutely horrendous. I live out in the sticks, so my internet isn't the greatest (average 2 down on a good day), so the connection is EXTRA **bleep**. I can't even download 1mb sized files. I can't update Windows to the current build.

I've done the following

Unchecked the option in the Power Management Tab
Battery Saver
Uninstalling/Reinstalling Drivers
Checked for SmartByte (it's not there or in services afaik)

My other laptop, phone, and tablet can connect to the wifi just fine, but... just not the G7. I have a feeling it's something simple, and I have looked around but I haven't found the solution for me. I'm at my wits end

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