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Lee Stogner
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Do not buy a Dell laptop with 32G of solid state drive !!!

One year ago, I bought a Dell Inspiron with a 32g solid state drive that is not upgradable.  Dell promised that this computer would run Windows 10.  35 days after I bought the laptop, the Windows 10 upgrades began.  The upgrades do not fit on the hard drive.  I have taken everything off the drive except for Norton.  The Windows 10 upgrades continue, I cannot stop them.  The laptop has become a "Brick" and is unusable.

I have tried talking to Dell Representatives, they are no help.  They tell me that it is my problem that Windows 10 does not fit.

On Monday the Dell Labor Day sale begins, this same computer will be sold to thousands of unsuspecting customers that they will soon have the same problem that I have.  The customers think they are getting a good deal on a computer.  They don't realize that Dell just stuck them with old inventory.

This is not about price, this is about a company that should be honest and fair with their customers whether the computer cost $200 or $200,000.


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