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BIOS update disabled keyboard Illumination(Backlight)


IMG_20181115_120341.jpgThere is no Keyboard Illumination option while my device has a illuminated keyboard. Which worked fine few weeks ago.Capture.PNGAnd this says if the option is missing the it lacks backlit support but this issue started only after the BIOS update via the support assist app.The device backlit has stopped working since a BIOS update and upon checking
I found out that in BIOS we can check whether it is enabled or not but to my surprise the backlit settings are missing from BIOS. 
And on your webpage it means that device lacks any backlit!
While I know it has backlit and I've even used it a few weeks ago, and only after BIOS update it stopped turning ON when I hit the F10 key( and I've tried locking Fn and unlocking it).

A simple question will this issue be resolved by the next BIOS update or should I just struggle with a Keyboard that supports backlight and a software that messed it up?

Provide me solution please! We pay extra for the backlit support.


It is the Dell Inspiron 5567 

Memory: 8 GB

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz[Cores 2] [Logical/Core 2]

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home

with this configuration with backlight keyboard.

And this is the BIOS update I received last month : Dell Inspiron 5567/5767 KBL System BIOS - 1.2.6

via the Dell Support Assist application and the issue is being encountered since then.

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