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Re: Dell Inspiron 5570 Display

I also have this issue and it's very upsetting. Not what I was expecting from a ~$750 laptop made by what I thought was the top manufacturer. I also have a 6 year old entry level HP laptop which cost under $200 and its display looks better. I think it also has a slightly better viewing angle than the Dell's. I wasn't expecting IPS, but still... I'll try to upload a screenshot so you can see what I mean. The background, which should be white, is a grainy newspaper gray. I mention that all my drivers are updated, as is Windows, and I ran a Diagnostics test which came up with nothing. Clearly this is just the normal quality of these Dell displays... I'm going to return my laptop unfortunately, I like everything else about it, but I can't live with this depressing display. Are displays from other manufacturers (HP,Asus,Lenovo) in this price range (under $800 for 15",i7,8gb,1tb+128gb ssd) better? Would you recommend any in particular? Thank you.





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