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Re: SSD not seen by CrystalDiskInfo

I had a similar problem and I think I might have solved this.

I put an XPG SX8200 nvme SSD in my Inspiron and re-installed Windows 10 from the Dell image. It appears that the Dell image assigned some wacky drivers that I couldn't undo no matter how much cajoling I did -- it thought that the SATA controller and the SSD were AMD RAID devices, even though the laptop has an intel chipset! Like this, Windows appeared to run okay, but both the manufacturer's SSD toolbox (Adata) and CrystalDiskInfo acted like they couldn't see the drive at all.

However, installing Windows 10 from an image received through Microsoft's media creation tool appears to have identified everything correctly, installed the correct drivers, and now all tools can see the drive as intended. So I can only assume there's some oddity in the Dell image.

Hope this helps someone.

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