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Inspiron 5545, latest radeon driver won't install SOLVED

Anyone who has a laptop with a so-called "discrete" graphics system such as AMD or NVIDIA probably likes to keep their driver up to date.

The ancient stock Radeon driver provided by Dell has the full AMD control center. It checks for updates. It updates if you let it. 

I have an inspiron 5545 with AMD A8 CPU, Radeon R5 series graphics.

On Windows 10 1809 / build 17763.292, the most recent time trying to update to Radeon driver 19.1.1 fails, whether from the driver's built in interface, or from using the AMD driver autodetect tool, even after using the AMD clean uninstall tool and restarting.

I found a supposed solution on these Dell forums saying to roll back to the ancient 15.201.1101 driver. The issue is marked solved.

Unfortunately the original driver package marked 15.201.1101 fails reinstall, whether I use the Dell support tool or whether I download the file from the Downloads section on Dell's support page for this laptop, again after running the AMD clean uninstall utility and rebooting.

I tried to add a comment to that "solution" that it doesnt work for at least one Inspiron user who has updated to the latest version of windows 10, but apparently Dell thinks the problem is solved.

This is fully Dell's issue, if they didn't want people updating the driver, they should have changed the stock driver to not have that option.

The solution that worked for me was to run the AMD clean uninstall utility, then find the driver on AMD's site using the 3-pane selector instead of the AMD driver autodetect tool.

First verify which CPU and GPU combo you have by navigating to Dell's support page for your laptop and input your service tag.

Then go to AMD's drivers page and use the 3-pane selector and find your configuration there. In my case I navigated to "Processors With Graphics" -> "AMD A-Series Processors", in the middle pane I selected "AMD A8-series APU for laptops", then in the bottom pane selected "A8-7100 with R5 graphics". Then on the next page selected Windows 10 64 bit version of the driver.

Doing it this way, I was able to update to 19.1.1 without issue.

The fact this is marked "solved" with a solution that doesn't work is a testament to Dell's poor support. The fact that a 5-6 year old computer is "too old to support" shows the attitude of today's corporations. Rather than help you maintain a perfectly usable computer that you spent your hard earned money on, their support doesnt even try to find the real solution, and instead sends you on a wild goose chase after which non-technical users will throw their hands up in despair. Or maybe they offer you a 5 percent off coupon to sell you a fresh one so they can afford to put their own kids through college and the landfills fill up with perfectly usable equipment.
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