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Re: What is the best HDD for i7 8th gen processor?

Performance wise, an M.2 NVMe SSD would be the way to go right now. Keep in mind that any option is going to be the bottleneck anyway, higher tiered storage is going to be faster (RAM & processor caches).

A big SSD may be prohibitively expensive so using a combination of an SSD and an HDD would be interesting. If you opt for an HDD alone I wouldn't recommend getting a hybrid drive, instead, using an Optane caching would be ideal (no need if the OS already resides in an SSD).

And among the graphics cards you mentioned, the MX150 ought to be the better one, it's built on a smaller lithography and newer architecture. I don't think it'd affect how Solidworks does its thing though, it's primarily a CPU and RAM program; besides, it's a laptop what we're talking about.

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