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Synaptics TouchPad for Dell Inspiron functions not working

Hello to all, 


I am coming here as a last resort. I have had my Dell Inspiron 15 7558 that is around 4 years old. She's great and I've barely used her 1Tb of space but I've been having issues with the touchpad functions for about 3 months now. 

The issues are as follow:

I am able to move the cursor around but the other functions such as double-scrolling, three finger gestures, precision, and the left/right clicks do not work. 

For two weeks, I have been trying every single possible thing. I'd restarted my laptop several times, I reverted the driver back to a previous version, I installed a new version of the Synaptics driver, uninstalled it (again). I have downloaded two applications to determine whether my driver was faulty and nothing ever came up. I reinstalled Windows 10 and nothing. I am about as angry as I can possibly be at the moment and wish for someone to please explain to me one last possible solution before I take it to a tech shop and pay for a repair. 




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