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brand new Inspiron 17 5767 exceptional slow and unstable

We received this system yesterday and I have spent today attempting to set it up. I cannot believe how agonizingly slow this thing is!! It took over 2.5 hours just to boot up the first time and then run through the Win 10 setup. When it shuts down, that takes 10-15 minutes to accomplish even when NOTHING is running. Then, upon reboot we could probably drive into town (20 mins) and come back when the system finally decides to open. Everything we attempt to do is incredibly difficult because the system is so very slow and unstable. It keeps freezing and then we wait and wait and...well, you get the idea until it finally decides to do something again. Then, to make things even more irritating, every few minutes we get ads cropping up. (Microsoft, Dell and game ads) These take over the screen and, while they can be Xed out, they take forever to clear. The other speed issue that is insane is that the system seems incapable of keeping up with my typing and I'm not exactly a speed demon. 

I started this process around 8am this morning and it is now almost 5pm and the system is still not fully running. This computer is way slower than my very old Dell, which begs the question of why upgrade. The only software on board is from the factory, but it does include McAfee (Which I hate!) and the trial of MS Office. I can nix the Office because I already have Office 365. However, the speed thing is a real issue and is making me crazy. 

Any ideas, suggestions, input will be very welcome - thanks!

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