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Re: brand new Inspiron 17 5767 exceptional slow and unstable

Thank you for sharing the ideas. I spent hours clearing the system of any bloat ware including McAfee. Then a more tech savvy friend suggested something may have gone wrong during setup because setup took over three hours. He suggested returning everything to factory and allowing it to do a new setup. This time it took almost the same amount of time - 2.75 hours. I again cleared the bloatware and McAfee which did speed things up considerably. I then ran the updates several times until there were no more updates.

The system is more stable, but something odd keeps happening -- whenever I open a new program for the first time, I get ads. I launched Office and got ads. I launched mail and got ads, etc. The ads are for Dell or Microsoft products. Then, even more annoying, when I tried to setup Chrome, Edge kept taking over and shutting Chrome down. I did check to ensure that Chrome was the default browser, but this doesn't seem to matter. I click on the Chrome icon and Edge still launches and crashes Chrome. UGH! 

At any rate, none of this matters if I can't get Dell to respond to me about the touch pad lifting from the frame. I'm not sure how to get a response from Dell about the damage...they haven't answered my e-mail or attempt at chat. I've owned many, many Dell systems and have never met with such poor customer service before. 

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