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Re: Dell Latitude E6410 (nVidia) and E Port Plus II PR02X having issues.

It's entirely possible for the dock LED to light and for the Power button to work and for your system's underside docking connector to still have a problem that prevents it from charging.  In your BIOS setup under the "Battery Information" section, underneath the battery icon you should see a field called "AC Adapter".  That will show you the wattage of the detected AC adapter, regardless of whether it's connected directly or via a docking station.  Does it show "Unknown" or "Not Connected" when you're docked?  If so, then if you haven't already, try undocking and then connecting the dock's AC adapter directly to your system just to make sure the AC adapter's wattage is properly identified in that configuration.  If so, the problem is either the dock itself (do you have another one to test with?), or else a problem with the new motherboard.

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