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Re: E5440 Point Stick in Center of Keyboard does not work!

@seabass450 wrote:

I have the latest touch pad drivers installed running the latest build of Win 10 Pro with the latest Bios for the E5440.  I installed the lighted keyboard with pointer stick in the middle DP/N-03KK86.  When I click on my touchpad, it does not show the pointing stick option in the options.  Note in the photos below that the version number is the latest as well.  See photos below.  The lighted keyboard works as its supposed though, but the center pointer stick does not.

Now either there is bad batch of keyboards that were manufactured that a bunch of folks installed or its just co-incidence but there are several other posts with folks having the same issue.  One guy posted in 2015 about the issues with no response.  Another guy in 2017 responded to that same post below.   And there are even more posts elsewhere I found elsewhere on google of folks having the same issues with the E5440.  What is the exact dell part no for the E5440 lighted keyboard with point stick?  I installed a new DP/N-03KK86 in mine that I found from ebay (new).  Personally I think something is not correct on the Dell side in terms of the ALPS driver or there is a reason why the drive is not recognizing the point stick on all these E5440s.



@seabass450 thanks for the detailed response. I thought this issue might be a hardware mismatch but it's not. Depending on the style of keyboard, there are additional ribbon cables for functionality, i.e. one for back light, one for trackstick.

The keyboard that you have purchased is the correct part for that system with dual pointing and backlight built in. This made me consider the cable being problematic as it's the only way of connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. However, there is only one keyboard cable available for that system.

Checking the BIOS, there is no option for enabling / disabling trackstick functionality, only backlight functionality. That leads me to believe that the issue is with the ALPS driver / touchpad suite itself.

My system is an E5450 with dual pointing backlight and im running version A00 of that touchpad suite with the trackstick option working fine. 

Have you tried installing the previous revisions of the touchpad suite to see if the functionality returns - 
A04 March 18 -
A00 March 17 -


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