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Re: E5440 Point Stick in Center of Keyboard does not work!

@Vincent Z wrote:

Hello @Dell-Alan D 

Just installed the backlit keyboard.  My E5440 originally came without backlit and without pointing stick.

Of course, like others have mentioned, the backlight works, but the pointing stick (trackpoint) does not.


So, Alan …  since you have posted the message that if you replace the internal keyboard, you ALSO have to replace the palmrest….  can you please verify the Dell part number of the palmrest that will enable the pointing stick to function?

I do not need the fingerprint reader.  I do want pointing stick and touchpad to function.  THANKS!

@Vincent Z it's not possible to have dual pointing without the fingerprint reader.

I have two parts listed for dual pointing palmrest - 261MD and GCDTG

I hope this helps.


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