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Re: WD15 and Latitude 5280 - Slow internet speeds 8mbps

I used the adapter for the D6000 to connect the WD15 to my 3510 just so I could test the Ethernet\internet speed

-right now I have Laptop #1 that started this whole mess at my desk as I found a WD15 (Service tag: <Service tag removed>)  was getting full speeds( or close to it) with the freshly imaged 5280, the Dell tablet 5285 and with the USB C to A adapter plugged into my 3510.

-Walked it over to that office and first connected the 5280 Tester to the Docking station being used by #1 and got full speeds

-connected ONLY power  (130 watt) and ethernet to WD15 (Service tag: <Service tag removed>) then connected the USB C to the laptop #1 and ran speed test, only got 8 mbps / 8 mbps

-At that point I just walked back with #1 and am going through ALL the Docking stations to see if ANY of them get full speed with laptop #1

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