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Re: Dell Latitude 5490 -- Ceases functioning when attempting

I have been doing further research on one of our failed machines and have learned that if you delete the Intel UHD Graphics 620 Adapter in Device Manager, making sure that your tick the box to "Uninstall the Driver", the machine will then install the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.  Once this adapter is installed, the machine no longer fails.

  • I have tried downgrading the Intel driver as far back as Dell's website will allow.  No change.
  • I have downloaded and installed various older and newer Intel drivers from Intel's website.  (Not recommended.)  No change.
  • I have downloaded various Intel UHD Graphics 620 Adapter drivers from other manufacturer's websites, although never recommended.  No change.

The only reasonable explanation is a possible incompatibility with any Intel supplied driver and the Intel CPU.  This brings up another line of questioning for anyone encountering this problem...which Intel CPU is in your machine?  The ~20 affected machines that we have are all i5-8350U CPUs.  Anyone seeing the same issue with another processor??

Thanks in advance for your input!

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