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Latitude 5480 external displays using VGA and DisplayPort


  • Machine is a Latitude 5480 with Intel HD Graphics 620 and a 1920*1080 built-in display
  • HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort USB-C ports
  • I am not using a dock
  • I am using a standard USB-C to DisplayPort cable and a standard VGA cable



  • Run a projector via VGA connection to display a clone of the main desktop
  • Run a Dell external 22" monitor via DisplayPort via USB-C as an extended desktop



  • Computer will only detect one of the displays at a time.
  • Both cables work perfectly on their own
  • Strangely, combinations of the other ports (VGA+HDMI, DP+HDMI) seems to allow for two or all three displays to function (with one cloned from the built-in display in the case of 3 displays).


Am I missing something? The manual appears to say nothing about the way ports work together.

Thanks in advance!

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