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Re: Latitude 7490 - Two monitors connected directly (lid clo

A few additional notes after my post above:

- For the USB-C connection, it will have to be a basic USB-C to DisplayPort cable, plugged directly into the system, NOT through a mini-dock that offers other connectivity, because that would cut available display bandwidth in half, which I’m fairly sure won’t be enough to run that ultrawide resolution.

- The WD15 would be a bad choice for you for the reason above. Since it uses regular USB-C and offers all of that extra connectivity, it may not have enough display bandwidth to run that display, and it absolutely wouldn’t have enough to run both. The TB16 would, but that requires your system to have Thunderbolt 3, which is optional on the 7490.

- Based on a thread I read about the very similar 7480, there’s a good chance that while using USB-C for video output, you can’t use VGA. Just be aware.

- If it helps, you might be able to get away with setting your Lid Close Action to “Do Nothing” only for when your system is connected to AC power, as long as you connect power before closing the lid. Just remember that if you have the lid closed and then take your laptop away with you, it may be fully awake. You can damage laptops by putting them into laptop bags while fully powered up.

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