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Re: Latitude 7490 - Two monitors connected directly (lid clo

If your display has a USB-C input, then yes a USB-C to USB-C cable will work as long as you get one that specifically mentions it supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 or DisplayPort Alt Mode. There are some USB-C cables that only support USB 2.0 because they’re meant primarily for charging and minor data transfer traffic, and those won’t work. Cables that support USB 3.1 Gen 2 will work, but you don’t need that, and those cables will limit your length options. Possible perks of using the USB-C connector on the display rather than the others is that depending on your display’s implementation, a) the USB-C cable might carry USB data to your laptop, so if you have USB devices connected to the display, you won’t need to connect a separate USB cable to your PC to use them, and b) the USB-C cable might carry power to charge your laptop. Not all USB-C displays offer this because it requires the display itself to have a larger power supply than would otherwise be be necessary, but if you find that your 7490 charges while connected to the display via USB-C, that’s a nice bonus.

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