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Re: Bad experience for Dell with Microsoft windows vista home 64bit combination

Has ANYBODY had a GOOD experience with Vista?  Not me!  I can't believe Dell stopped shipping XP when I ordered a new laptop for my wife for Christmas.  Geez.  

I saw an Old Version of XP on today for $49.

Legitimate versions of XP are getting pricey and they are disappearing fast.  If you really want XP you should buy it soon.  This one says it's the Old Version.  That means you'll have to download XP SP1, SP2 and SP3 as well has a hundred patches after you install it.  If you want a newer version that includes SP3, it will cost over 3 times as much.  Ouch!

You might also consider switching to Linux.  Linux is FREE Open Source.  Dell recommends Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS.  You can download the ISO file for free here, burn it to a CD, then boot from the CD to install it:

The only problem with Linux is that you can't run Microsoft Office.  If you don't like Linux, you can always reinstall Vista.  Another option would be to install Windows 7 Release Candidate 1.  It's a 1 year trial of Microsoft's latest OS Windows 7.  It fixes some of Vista's bugs.  I tried it and YES, it is better than Vista.  Download it here for free:

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