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Inspiron Desktop 3472 WiFi issue on Ubuntu

I recently purchased an Inspiron Desktop 3472 machine from Dell which came pre-loaded with Ubuntu 16.04. The machine worked great when it arrived - all hardware interfaces including bluetooth and wifi worked without any issue. 

Few days back, I got an update for the OS and after the update the Wifi and bluetooth stopped working. I can see the bluetooth and wifi signs on the screen, it can even search nearby devices and routers but it just can't connect to them. If I try to connect to my Wifi router it gives me an error saying "Activation of wireless network connection failed". The machine has a Qualcomm / Atheros 9565 chipset for Wifi (it also does bluetooth i guess). I tried updating the kernel and re-installing the ath9k drivers by following the guidelines on various ubuntu, linux and debian forums but I could not get this thing to work.

I have a HP laptop with the same version of Ubuntu (16.04) installed and it's Wifi works fine with my router, so I don't think the Wifi router is at fault. From some of the forums it seems that the Ubuntu 16.04 version which came loaded on my 3472 Desktop machine was a modified OEM version for Dell, so I guess the Dell forum is the best place to find support. 

Since I had everything working before the update I am expecting Dell would be able to guide me on how to get the Wifi up and running again. Could someone at Dell / from the community please tell me where I could get the kernel / driver for this 3472 desktop? I am comfortable with building the drivers from git and installing it so I'll be able to do that if necessary.  

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