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Re: No more hotmail through OE?

If you had an hotmail address for a long time, then they will still honor it if you use OE.  That's what it said in the email that I got and I can still use OE to get my hotmail.  Here is the email:

Dear MSN Member,

Recently, Hotmail® announced that in order to improve customer experience and reduce spam and junk e-mail abuse on MSN® services, Hotmail will no longer allow new e-mail accounts to be accessed via Microsoft® Office Outlook® and Outlook Express.

We are pleased to inform you that because you are an existing and valued customer, at this time your current Hotmail and MSN account(s) are exempt from this restriction and you will be able to continue enjoying access to those accounts from Outlook or Outlook Express. However, any new Hotmail or MSN accounts you create will not be accessible via Outlook or Outlook Express.

As for the new accounts, there will be NO way to get around this.




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