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Re: No more hotmail through OE?

If I couldn't use OE with my Hotmail account, then it would be time to get rid of it.  I have had my account nearly 5 years.  But you can PAY to use Outlook with Hotmail.  I didn't include all of the message because I didn't think that was your intent of posting here.
Because you actively use Outlook or Outlook Express to access one or more of your MSN Hotmail or MSN e-mail accounts, this could be the ideal time to consider subscribing to our powerful new
e-mail service - Microsoft Office Outlook Live.

As an Outlook Live subscriber, not only can you get uninterrupted access to your MSN e-mail accounts from Outlook, but you will also enjoy many other benefits.

I believe that it is $59.95USD for one year.  A little high for me. 


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