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Where is the Recycler/Nprotect folder??

Newbie here and I did something dumb....

I attempted to install the current version of Norton Systemworks Premier on my computer. Not sure what happened, but the install didn't go well. That's not my problem. I'm okay with the program not installing because it was only a trial version.

When the program crashed, I think it was creating some sort of bin file. After I uninstalled Norton Systemworks, I defragged my hard drive using the Windows XP disk de-fragmenter program. The defrag report said I have a 7GB and 5GB bin file located at the following locations:


These are the two files Norton was doing something with when the computer crashed. I would like to delete these two files since these files taking up a huge portion of my hard drive space.

My problem is I can't find these two files on my hard drive. To no avail, I did a file search looking for both hidden files and for files in my system folders.

Can someone please help me out? Where can I find these two files so I can delete them?

Thanks in advance!

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