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Re: windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown

It's hit and miss with VISTA and computers as far as the "unexpected shutdown" problems.


Looking at my reliability information, I show 7 or 8 on 1 420 since November, but only 4 on the second 420.  Since Feb of 07, my Toshiba shows 2, one Feb 07, the other yesterday.  My E1705 shows 3 in the last who knows.  No rhyme or reason, just Windows Recovered from Unexpected Shutdown. 


I can't seem to get a consistent reading as to why and when, so troubleshooting is difficult, so I just ignore it. 

I figure as long as it recovers, I am ok.   

2  XPS 420's, Quad 2.4ghz, 8800GT and 9800GTX, 3gigs RAM (Vista Home)

2 Inspiron 1720's, 2.0 and 2.5 gig processors, 2 and 4 gigs RAM, 8400GM and 8600GT cards (Vista Home and Ultimate)

1 E1705, 2.0 processor, 2 gigs RAM 7900GS. (Vista Home)

2 Mini 9's, Black and Cherry Red......(Windows XP) Love The Mini!!!!!



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