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Re: Dell PC Restore by Symantec

Hi Tony (tgsmith),

I have read all the posts in this thread, but have a problem with the Dell recovery partion it is not mounted or active. It does show up in Disk Management as a partion with no drive letter and the same for Dell Media partion and a OEM partion so there are 4 all together.

When I use Windows Explorer only the C shows. I remember that it used to show before I install Win 7 32 bit, which after many trys with different drivers from other Dell Laptops running Win 7 32 bits, just could not get this Dell 1720 to work 100%.

At the moment I am using the OEM Vista 32 bit Disk to reinstall OS back onto partion 3 which had Win 7 32bit, something must be wrong it's taking forever to do the last step (Completing installation). I hope I didn't fry something or change a device's setting to the point where Vista does not recognize the computer.

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