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Windows XP won't start

This morning my Dimension 5150 failed to start.  I have XP home edition.  The XP start screen comes up and reverts to a blank screen with the mouse pointer only on it.

I have tried safe mode, this comes up with the safe mode text in each corner with a blank screen.  I have tried F2 and F12 options on start up.  Also tried F8 and booting from the Dell OS disk that came with computer.  All of these options end with a blank screen.  Diagnostics find nothing wrong.

In desparation I have tried CTRL-F11 and this also did not work - just the blank screen.  The OS disk does when I go into restore give the C:\windows prompt -- however I do not know what commands I should use here.  When I exit I get the blank screen again.

Any suggestions would be helpful --


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