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ok so heres my story:

I have purchased a new dell studio 1735 with vista premium 32bit. I'm not a big fan of vista but it does have its great qualities. I was trying to connect my zune to vista and noticed there is no driver as its listed in the device manager even after I install zune software 3.0. So I was doing some reseach and decided to set up a dual boot so I wont have to wait for microsoft to do their job. well in this process i'm halfway succesfull. I have researched alot of websites on how to dual boot but none of them dab on the dell studio bios switching. so far I have both xp and vista installed and I have the vista pro bootloader to fix the dual boot thing, however heres the big issue: I cant actually run both os'. In order for me to run xp, after slipstreaming the install for sata drivers, I have to go into the bios and set it IDE instead of the AHCI defualt setting that is in the bios. so when I set it to IDE xp boots just fine. But when i set it to AHCI xp wont load and i get the BSOD and vista loads up and vice versa. I dont know if im doing something wrong here. I just want to sync my zune with my wicked new studio 1735!! can anybody help me??

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