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alright well thanks for the good info I will definetly try to set it to active and se what that does. one bit to add tho, when I first started this I copied the dell recovery info to my external HDD and reformated that drive to NTFS just so that way I dont have 2 partitions in different formats. and then I actaully wiped out the whole HDD to try and install xp first and then vista. but after installed vista and then tried to go back to xp is when all this mess started... It would be freakin a miracle if I could just find a driver to have my Zune connect to vista and then I wont have to use XP no more. I have found some lite versions of vista ultimate that I actually like better than just plain ol' vista ultimate full oem. but any way thanks again I think I'll just wipe my HDD again and install vista in IDE instead of AHCI cuz I dont have any SSD's  as I changed it to the 7200rpm 350 gb HDD when i customized the comp through dell. so thanks i'll let you know if I make any progress.... thanks again!!!

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