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XP shut down sometimes restarts instead, start up paused on black screen today then continued, software? Hardware? what to do?

Not sure if this is software or hardware. Inspiron 5160 coming up on 5 yrs old. Xp SP3.  I finally upgraded to SP3 not long ago. Its generally working faster, but often when I go to shut down, by using the Start, Turn Off, and clicking the Turn off button it instead will restart.

Today the Start up was rather funny as it was starting and then there was a black screen for awhile (usually there is very briefly one but this was maybe 10 seconds or longer--didn't really time it) before it continued with the start up.

Sometimes when I tried to shut down, it restarted and went through that 2-3 times before I finally just pushed the power button.

I don't recall any of this before I upgraded to SP3. Before that it was often running rather slowly, not just online, but just on my computer.  Sometimes there were delays in what I typed appearing.

I had previously noticed that the screen refresh sometimes lagged quite a bit like when I was opening new programs or closing one, something from the background, like the wallpaper would show through, or show through in blocks where something else had been.

Also at least before I upgraded to SP3, not sure if it has been doing it since, it would frequently show up to 100% CPU usage, even after I had shut down programs, but then much of the time with the same programs open it would be between 1-10%

Someone from I think it was my ISP had me clear out not only cookies but other stuff which seemed to help the performance some.

I can deal with the nuisance of having to manually shut down, but it makes me nervous not knowing why it is doing that and whether it is software or hardware or whether something might be getting ready to go down or what I can do about it.  I have Retrospect Express backup set to automatically back up 1x/wk with different restore points, to my external HD.


Also i previously had it shut down 2x from heat but then I finally found my compressed air duster and blew it out so now it is staying reasonably cool.


XP Home, SP3, Comodo Firewall, Avast Anti Virus, A2 anti-malware.  1 GB RAM (using both slots), Firefox 3.0.13, Eudora email.

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