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Re: XP shut down sometimes restarts instead, start up paused on black screen today then continued



Sounds more like a hardware issue, SP3 may just be a coincidence or as in most cases, software changes can then show up underlying hardware problems?


Depends what you are running at the time (demand), but from Task Manager Processes tab, can you post values for the following items:


Processes (Number): 

CPU Usage (%):

Commit Charge (ratio):

System Idle Process (%):


Under Image Name, any application exe files using an excessive amount of CPU?

Usual culprits are security type software, in particular AV & other real time scanning software & some Generic Host (svchost.exe) type processes


On Performance tab

CPU demand peaks will vary in height but should rise & fall off sharply

Peaks that reach 100% & plateau for a period of time before falling off tend to indicate system capacity is struggling to handle a particular process demand


As you probably know, manual shutdown can cause XP NTFS corruption, really depends what’s running (if anything) when pressing that power off button


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